The Muse Behind Mary’s Musings:

Hello readers! My name is Mary Manfredi. I’m a recent graduate from Villanova University’s Master’s in History Program.

In my spare time, I enjoy going to museum exhibitions and always wanted to write down my thoughts about them in an accessible and exciting format. In light of the global pandemic, and the forced closure of cultural institutions (that we all miss so much), I decided to sit down and create a space where I could effectively communicate my musings. Specifically, Mary’s Musings explores museums, exhibitions, U.S. history, and art history.

I am from Monmouth County, New Jersey and my interests range from Revolutionary War history to American material and visual culture. In graduate school, I engaged in scholarship and discussions surrounding the public face of museums, art, and monumenture. I also have extensive experience in archival, curatorial, and exhibition research.

Unless stated, cultural institutions have not requested or approved my content, they are simply my own personal thoughts and my photographs.

I hope you enjoy my posts!

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